Today we live in a “survival of the fittest” type of society where an education may take one far; however, one’s social skills and their image can set them apart from the rest.

PEARL Girls provides customized workshops or presentations designed for young ladies and women to receive hands-on instruction on social, business, and table etiquette specifically as it relates to the professional environment.  These workshops are perfect for young ladies who are in college, who are graduating from college and entering the corporate world, church groups, women’s community groups, and it could also be a fun girl’s night activity.

Through lecture, demonstration and participatory exercises, participants are taught powerful tools that will give them a cutting edge in the competitive business environment.

Our Women’s Etiquette workshops are tailored to meet the needs of each group, however, sample topics of presentation include those listed to the right.

To schedule a Women’s Etiquette Workshop for your group, please fill out the form below!

Please read a review of a recent PEARL Women’s Etiquette Workshop below:

“I attended a Woman’s Conference hosted by El Centro Colleges West campus. I must say; my very favorite part of the conference was the business etiquette training, brought to us by Keisha Howard Gaddis of PEARL Girls.  I personally, had never had any formal etiquette training, only what my mommy taught me growing up. Yes, this was business etiquette training, however, Keisha provided us with invaluable information that we could use in our everyday lives in addition to the work place. I think that is why I enjoyed her session most; it was a 2-for 1.  Keisha was very relatable and approachable. She made us all feel very comfortable. Keisha was bright, bubbly, beautiful, kind, very knowledgeable, and very lady like (which I loved by the way). I liked her training so much that I referred her to my daughters Girls Scout Troop leader, so that we could bring her in to give an etiquette class to our young ladies. She brought the same knowledge, and lovely spirit that she did to our conference. My daughter is also now applying things that she learned from Ms. Howard as well.  Keisha’s organization is here for females; matters not their age. The lady may be 10 or she may be 50, Keisha has something for every female. PEARL Girls is where you want to be if you are looking for Etiquette training. Keisha Gaddis is her name, and Etiquette training is her game.”

~Valorie A. Johnson , Women’s Leadership Conference at El Centro College