PEARL Girls is a lot of fun! I enjoyed everything about the workshop today and I met new people! I’ll be back at the next one for sure! – Erin, age 8

I truly enjoy being a PEARL Girl.  This program has taught me how to be a lady, use proper etiquette, and it has also helped me not be so shy in public. My Mom is happy about that.   – McKenzie, age 12

PEARL Girls is an excellent program that makes girls feel worthy and special as they learn very important life lessons.  My daughter loves the programs!  – Mrs. Harris

PEARL Girls…keep up the great work!  You ladies are doing your thing!  The workshops are fun and uplifting.  Just what girls need! –  Ms. Freeman

The PEARL  Girl’s workshops have been informative for both me and my daughter.  We have attended 3 workshops within the past few months and every time that we come we keep learning more and more. – Ms. Johnson

The topics of the Empower Hours workshops are real topics that girls can relate to.  The workshop was informative and kept the girls attention.  Great job, PEARL  Girls.  I’d recommend these programs for all mothers and their daughters. – Mrs. Gladney

Everything about PEARL Girls is good.  The activities are good, the people are good, and the cookies were good. – Jaylyn, age 10

PEARL Girls is fun and it is a great way to learn important stuff that I think girls will use for the rest of their life.  – Kieandra, age 9

I was honored to be at the PEARL Girls workshop today, and I want to say “God Bless You” to PEARL Girls. – Jhada, age 11

PEARL Girls is fabulous!  That is all. – Nadia, age 15