A recent survey by the Carnegie Foundation and the Harvard University Stanford Research Institute found that 85% of our career success depends on our social skills. Whether they are carrying a backpack or a briefcase, PEARL Girls is dedicated to making sure that our girls are comfortable and confident in any social setting, and leave a lasting impression with whomever or whatever their professional and social future holds for them.

Our goal is to make sure that girls:

  • Believe in themselves
  • Love who they are
  • Know where they are going

In order to achieve this goal, our programs instill values that will affect a young girl’s future and most importantly influence her lifestyle.

Our girls are future Presidents, CEO’s, ambassadors, producers, managers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and much, much more! You name it…we’ll claim it!

A PEARL Girl is a Poised, Elegant, And Responsible Leader. Her confidence, integrity, and leadership abilities set her apart from the rest. As unique and precious as a natural pearl, each PEARL Girl is a treasure to us all!

Education + Etiquette + Empowerment = Success!