Sherrell Martin

Miss Sherrell Martin is the proud daughter of LaTrice Martin and Osric Hines. Sherrell is a 2012 graduate of Plano Senior High School in Plano, Texas. She describes herself as a vigorous, lively, and influential young woman who finds passion in volunteering at her local church, entertaining kids, and mentoring young ladies of various ages.

Sherrell has been a resident of Plano, Texas for the past two years; however, before she lived in Plano, she resided in Bogalusa, Louisiana. While in Bogalusa, she explored every corner of her small town, using any opportunity to give. Along with five other students, she was chosen by the infamous Alvin Carter to paint a mural dedicated to the city of Bogaulsa. Sherrell was also appointed as her school’s student-ambassador. In 2010, she served as student voice leader through presentations to Louisiana’s former President of Secondary Education. She also enjoyed being an active member in her school’s Student Council, BETA Club, and loved being a Paperdolls Dances, her high school’s drill-team. “I love to service those around me in any way that I can because I believe that my community is my home and its people are my family. If we (children) don’t care, who will?”

As Miss PEARL of Dallas 2011, she continued to serve her community by volunteering at the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas as well as the Ronald McDonald House of Charity.

Sherrell gives this advice to all young ladies:

“Realize that being a young lady alone is powerful; we each have a strong inner-force that individually conquers whatever we may desire, and together we are invincible. Our God is a perfect God, for he makes no mistakes. You are his child, his creation. For that reason, accept who you just the way that you are because with self-assurance comes self-respect. Once you respect who you are, not only will you strive to be the best but you won’t accept anything less than that.  You, my sister, are a beautiful jewel in its rarest form. Never give up. As my mother tells me, ‘Failure has no existence of a woman of persistence.’ Allow God ‘rule your heart’ (Colossians 3:16) and the world is yours.’”



Miss PEARL of Dallas 2011