Amy Akabue

Miss Amy Akabue is the proud daughter of Anthony and Antonia Akabue. Described as adventurous, bubbly, and inspiring, Amy is a graduate from Skyline High School where her hobbies included dancing, scrapbooking, photography, and writing. Amy was the Captain of the Skyline Silhouette Drill Team and was the Senior Class Secretary. Amy’s future plans are to graduate from Texas Tech University, go to medical school and then earn her Doctorate Degree in Biology with the hopes of becoming an OBGYN. Amy would also like to be strengthened in Christ and be a better person.

Amy is proud to be Miss PEARL of Dallas 2010 because she knows that God has given her a light within that other people are inspired by. She hopes that through this, “many other girls will gain confidence within themselves, discover their inner-glitter, and realize that inner-beauty is far more important than what is seen by the human eye”.

She would like to inspire younger girls to “love the skin they’re in! Love the person God made you and rock it to your greatest ability”! Amy believes that if you love yourself, others will naturally do the same. She tells younger girls to “allow a smile to be your cutest accessory and pray for change, because the Lord knows all that you need”.

She offers these words of wisdom to girls of today: “Be you…no matter what people say and think of you! Be fabulous, loving, giving, and joyful. Excel in everything, ask questions, grow, learn, live, and shine! Let your light shine even when people can’t stand it! You are fearfully and wonderfully made!” Lastly, Amy says to “remember this on your way to your success…. the biggest dog was once a pup. Therefore, in all of your accomplishments be humble”.

Love Always,

Amy Akabue

Miss PEARL of Dallas 2010