Pageant CategoriesP-473

There are (4) mandatory pageant categories included in registration.

Each category is associated with specific life-skills which steer girls towards success in life.

   1.      Personal Introduction & Ambition Speech

Miss Forever PEARL celebrates girls’ natural beauty and their bright futures.  So, we want to hear about what you plan to be when you grow up!  The topic of this 30 second or less speech should be Who you are, Your Hometown, and What are your goals and aspirations? We can’t wait to hear all about your fabulous self! 

  •  Attire: The attire for this segment is your Official Miss Forever PEARL Pageant T-shirt and blue jeans.
  • What are the judges looking for? The judges will be looking for confidence, eye contact, poise, grammar, and voice projection.**Contestants ages 4-6  are required to recite their name and age only. However, they can elaborate more if they’d like.**Contestants  ages 7 and older are required to give the speech
  • Life-skills: How to properly introduce yourself, effective public speaking skills, eye contact, increased social skills.

2. Casual Wear- Miss Red, White & Blue

In honor of Independence Day, the theme for this segment of the pageant is America the Beautiful.

  •  Attire: During this segment of the pageant, we’d like to see you rock the stage with your most unique outfit of choice representing our great country, America!  Red, White, and Blue casual attire (off the rack or custom made) is great for this portion of the pageant, however, swimwear is not allowed.  Music will be provided so get ready to strut! We want to see your personality shine! A fun, bouncy walk is great for this portion of the pageant; however cart wheels and flips are not allowed.
  •  What are the judges looking for? The judges will be looking for creativity in your outfit choice, smiles, cute gestures like waving, hands on hips, thumbs up, attitude/spunk, and overall just having fun on that stage!
  •  Life-skills: Personal presentation skills, non-verbal communication skills, increased self-awareness

  3.      Formal Wear

Who doesn’t like to dress up?  We know you do! For this segment of the pageant we want the spotlight to be on you while you wear your favorite dressy dress.  

  • Attire: An elegant, age appropriate, floor-length gown is perfect for this segment of the pageant.  Your dress can be new, borrowed, or old…it doesn’t matter where it came from; it’s all about how you wear it on stage with confidence and elegance!  We will provide the music for this portion of the pageant; you provide the confidence!
  • What are the judges looking for? The judges will be looking for an elegant walk for this segment of the pageant.  They will not be evaluating the cost or designer of the gown, instead they will be looking for confidence, poise, and dignity projected in the contestants’ walks.  They will also be looking for eye contact, stage presence, smiles, and grace.
  • Life-skills: Walking with proper posture, presenting yourself with confidence and grace, increased self-control and self-worth

4.      Community Dedication

One of the goals of Miss Forever PEARL is to teach girls the importance of giving back to the community.  During this portion of the pageant, each girl is asked to bring a new unwrapped toy, stuffed animal, or book for a girl ages 4-15.  These items will be donated to girls at local family shelters.

  • What are the judges looking for? Each contestant will be awarded 10 points by turning in their new unwrapped toy, stuffed animal, or book at the pageant check-in table.  The item does not have to be expensive; the focus is more on helping others who may be less fortunate than the cost of the item.
  • Life-skills: Humbleness, a spirit of generosity, compassion, and concern for others

 *The scoring system is (1-10). Scores for these categories count towards the contestant’s overall pageant score.

  *Please remember that confidence, a beautiful smile, eye contact and personality projection are the most important things that the judges will be looking for, not the contestant with the most expensive attire.

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