1. Interview with the Judges (15 points) – A 5 minute personal interview with the judging panel before the actual pageant begins. Participants are scored on their ability to make a good first impression, professional appearance, articulation, social skills, correct grammar usage, and verbal skills.
  2. Opening Introduction (15 points) – Scoring based on contestant’s ability to introduce herself to the public in a creative, energetic way.
  3. Talent (20 points) – This is the participant’s special artistic expression.  Each talent is limited to 3 minutes. Scoring is based on their talent’s originality, skill, stage presence, costume, and execution. Be original! Examples are: playing an instrument, singing, dancing, performing a dramatic monologue, poetry, gymnastics, baton twirling, karate, etc. Do something that represents who you are.
  4. Critical Issue Statement & Community Outreach (20 points) – Participants must articulate a critical issue that is currently affecting the community to which she has strong personal commitment and involvement. Each statement is limited to 3 minutes and is worth 15 points. Participants must also provide documentation of community involvement and/or other extra-curricular activities. The documentation is worth 5 points.
  5. Entrepreneurship – This is the participant’s ability to participate in pageant fundraisers and to raise funds by way of sponsorship solicitations (no points are awarded towards the final score for this category; however the title of Miss Entrepreneur is awarded on the day of the pageant).
  6. Leadership (10 points) – This category is voted on by the pageant committee (prior to the day of the pageant) and is based upon the participant’s attendance, punctuality, ability to meet deadlines, maintain a positive attitude and individual progression during practices and meetings.
  7. Elegance (10 Points) – Participants grace the stage in formal attire.  Scoring is based on contestant’s ability to select a modest gown, and to project confidence, grace, poise, and dignity in their movement.
  8. Impromptu Question and Answer (10 points) – Participants answer a randomly selected question. Scoring is based on the participant’s ability to articulate a complete and satisfactory response.