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 ● Build Confidence ● Learn Public Speaking Skills ●

● Enhance Social Skills ● Have fun ●

● Give back to the Community ●

Check out the video highlights from the Miss Forever PEARL Pageant held on October 19th 2013.

Miss Forever PEARL is an Inner- Beauty Pageant that teaches principles.  It is open to girls ages 4- 15 of any race, size, shape, or height. We are not a glitz pageant.  We believe that all girls are fearfully and wonderfully-made and encourage girls to celebrate their natural beauty while loving the skin they are in!

The mission of Miss Forever PEARL is:

  1. To be a fun, self-esteem enhancing environment for young ladies.
  2. To teach and instill positive values, life-skills, and etiquette.
  3. To teach girls the importance of giving back to the community. 

Why we do it?

We know that being a girl is tough!  Boys… beauty…brains…and body…Oh My!!  We also know that we live in a world where girls are constantly judged by their physical beauty which ads unneeded stress to girls’ lives. So, instead of focusing on one’s physical appearance, Miss Forever PEARL celebrate girls for having enough courage and confidence to embrace their natural beauty, get on stage, strut with confidence, and be proud of their naturally amazing selves!  Our pageant is designed to be a fun, celebratory time for the girls.

  • This is not your traditional beauty pageant.  Miss Forever PEARL is a pageant that teaches principles. Our goal is to instill positive values while enhancing girls’ social skills. Each one of our Pageant Categories is associated with specific life-skills which steer girls towards success in life. Our pageant participants also give back to the community as part of their pageant experience.

  • Additionally, we offer a complimentary Pre-Pageant Confidence Camp to all pageant participants where girls receive an introduction to social etiquette, table etiquette, the pageant walk, speech and voice projection, poise, and much more!

What makes our pageant different from the others?

We consider our pageant more of a Natural Beauty Party rather than a traditional pageant because all of our girls are beautiful, and all are winners.  In our opinion, it’s not about the Glitz and Glamour…it’s all about the CONFIDENCE!!  Fake eye-lashes, wigs, hair extensions, fake tans, “flippers”, fake fingernails, and anything else that is unauthentic is prohibited.  

Makeup is not required, and there are limits to how much makeup is allowed. Light make-up is permitted (i.e. facial powder to control shine, lip-gloss, light blush, light mascara), but not required. However, heavy makeup is strongly discouraged. 

We use this pageant as a platform to teach and instill principles that help girls as they journey into adulthood.  Girls are taught skills such as proper public speaking, eye contact, poise, appropriate introductions and conversations, and much more.

Also, each girl is individually called upon stage to receive her special recognition, and everyone goes home with a Crown, Sash, and Trophy amongst other prizes!!

New to pageants?

Don’t worry, no experience is necessary to participate, and girls with pageant experience are treated just as girls without pageant experience.   Our pageant participants can also take advantage of our optional Pre-Pageant Confidence Camp where they can receive instruction on poise, the pageant walk, stance, public speaking skills, and much, much, more! Once registered, the details of the FREE Pre-Pageant Confidence Camp will be emailed to you.

Check out videos from the Confidence Camps below: