What is the date and location of the pageant?P-437

Sunday- June 29, 2014

Plano Courtyard Theater

Address:  1509 H Ave, Plano, TX 75074

Who can participate?

The pageant is open to girls of any race, shape, size, or height between the ages of 4-15.  

Do I have to be skinny, have perfect teeth, or wear a lot of makeup to participate?

No.  Miss Forever PEARL is a Natural beauty pageant.  We encourage girls to celebrate their natural beauty and to love the skin they are in!  We consider our pageant more of a Natural Beauty Party rather than a traditional pageant because all of our girls win prizes.  In our opinion, it’s not about the Glitz and Glamour, it’s all about the CONFIDENCE!!

Are there rules regarding make-up?

Yes.  Makeup is limited.  Heavy makeup is strongly discouraged.  The only makeup allowed is age appropriate lip gloss, facial powder to control shine, light blush, and light mascara. Again, this is a Natural Beauty pageant…so let your natural beauty glow.

As a Natural pageant, are there rules regarding fake hair extensions and wigs?

Yes. Fake enhancements are discouraged (wigs, hair extensions, fake tans, flippers, fake eye lashes, fingernails, etc.) Please see the Rules & Regulations for more information.

Do I have to have a special talent to participate?

No.  The talent category is optional.  You can participate in the pageant without having to demonstrate a talent. 

What are the Age Divisions?

  • Age 4-6- Little Miss Forever PEARL
  • Age 7-9- Junior Miss Forever PEARL
  • Age 10-12- Pre-Teen Miss Forever PEARL
  • Age 13-15- Teen Miss Forever PEARL

 What is the time commitment?

The only mandatory day & time commitment is the day of the pageant, Sunday- June 29, 2014.  

The tentative Pageant Schedule is as follows:

2:00 p.m. – Contestant Check-In

3:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. – Miss Forever P.E.A.R.L Pageant

**This tentative schedule may change slightly due to the number of contestants participating.** Pageant participants will be given the official schedule at least 1 week before the pageant. 

Is there training before the pageant?

Yes.  There is an optional Pre-pageant Confidence Camp where you will make new friends and receive instruction on poise, the pageant walk, stance, pageant speeches, and everything else that you will need to know as you grace the stage.  There will also be an introductory course on social etiquette, table etiquette, and much more at the Pre-Pageant Confidence Camp.   

This Confidence Camp is being held on Saturday, June 28th 2014 from 1:00-5:00 P.M. Attendance is optional.  You can still participate in the pageant without attending the camp. (Once registered more details will be emailed to you). 

What types of clothes do I need to participate?

Your pageant attire can be new, borrowed, or old.  It doesn’t matter where it came from; it’s all about how you wear it on stage with confidence and poise. Please remember that self-confidence, a beautiful smile, eye contact and personality projection are the most important things that the judges will be looking for, not the contestant with the most expensive attire.

For the mandatory pageant categories all you need is (3) outfits:

  1. Your official Pageant T-shirt and Blue Jeans.
  2. A Red, White, & Blue casual outfit of choice.
  3. An elegant formal dress.

How do I register?

    1.  Complete the online registration form .

    2.  Pay your registration deposit.

What are the fundraising dues?

Fundraising dues help defray the cost of producing the pageant (i.e. prizes, awards, trophies, facility rental, staging, lighting, judge’s expenses, etc.)  Each pageant participant is required to raise at least $100 in fundraising dues by June 1st in order to participate. 

How can I raise the funds?

The Fundraising dues can be raised through a combination of ads for the beautiful Keepsake ad book, Sash Outs, and Pageant Sponsorships. Anyone, including parents, family members, or any business may contribute to fundraising dues or sponsor a contestant. Your sponsor fees are tax-deductible for businesses as a marketing expense. Fundraising fees are not refundable. Once registered, the Fundraising Kit will be emailed to you.

Do I have to fund-raise or can I just pay my fundraising dues?

No, you do not have to fundraise. If you wish not to participate in fundraising, you can pay your $100 fundraising dues by June 1st.  However, if you fundraise, you have the chance of winning fundraising prizes.

 Will all pageant participants be featured in the Beautiful Pageant Keepsake Ad Book?

Yes.  Our pageant keepsake ad book will feature each pageant participant.