PEARL Girls Power Lunch

~Giving girls the power to dine with confidence and social graces that make a good impression~

Imagine a private banquet room, inside of one of Dallas’s finest restaurants.  You walk in and the food smells delicious; the table is set with the finest shiny utensils; you sit down at the table; however, after you are seated…you realize that you don’t know which fork to use.  Which one of the glasses of tea is yours? Is that your bread and butter plate, or is that for dessert? Which napkin is yours? Suddenly, this nice lunch has become complicated and overwhelming.

The PEARL Girls Power Lunch is a hands-on workshop dedicated to giving girls (ages 7-17) the power to dine with confidence and social graces that make a good impression.

During this workshop girls will experience an interactive etiquette lesson and refined dining experience while learning the following:

  • How to enter a room, and be seated by a gentleman
  • The art of proper introductions, including handshake etiquette
  • The importance of first impressions & body language
  • Poise and posture skills
  • Walking and sitting with grace
  • Pleasant Conversation starters and techniques
  • Social etiquette guidelines
  • Appropriate table etiquette
  • How to use napkins and every utensil at the table
  • How to understand place settings, and how to set the table
  • How to Dine in both American and Continental styles

Each young lady will demonstrate the table etiquette and social skills that she learns while participating in a 4-course Elegant Luncheon during the concluding hour of the workshop.She will also receive an official PEARL Girls Certificate of Completion.

Class enrollment is taken upon a first come first served basis. To ensure optimal learning, the class size will be kept small. Early registration is highly recommended.

Dates: This workshop is being offered four times this Fall, and in four different locations so that you can choose the date and location that best suits your schedule. Attend one, or attend them all!  It’s going to be a great time!

    • September 22, 2012 (Addison)
    • October 13, 2012  (Cedar Hill)
    • November 17, 2012  (Plano)
    • December 15, 2012  ( Downtown Dallas)

Time: 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. (lunch is served at 1:00 p.m.).

Come join us!

To register, please click here: PEARL Girls Power Lunch