InnerBeautySecret_ book coverKeisha Howard’s first book “The Inner-Beauty Secret” teaches young children (ages 3-8) the importance of character traits that are found within.

Coach Keisha states “I wrote this book as a tool for moms to connect with their daughters, and for Educators to teach important principles. Not only is the book educational, but it is also a fun and interactive way to teach about confidence, character, and inner-beauty.”

Topics such as trustworthiness, kindness, respect, and responsibility are covered. Body image appreciation is also addressed as children are encouraged to find genuine beauty within while also learning to accept themselves, differences and all. Kids are constantly bombarded with messages from the media about the importance of physical beauty. They start comparing themselves to each other and celebrities at a very young age, which causes lower self-esteem. This book explores the concept of beauty being found within a person’s character rather than in their physical attributes.

Keisha is currently working on her second book for tweens/teens.


Shhh…this book is for a group of kids who know the true meaning of being beautiful.
Do you want to know the secret?
Inner-beauty is not in the shape of your body nor in the style of your hair, when you are beautiful; your actions show kindness and care.
What you look like on the outside will fade away, but your inner-beauty is here to stay!

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