Why do we teach young girls etiquette?

Today we live in a “survival of the fittest” type of society. Competition is evident in every aspect of life ranging from the school setting to the professional setting. Unfortunately, due to negative media images and stereotypes of women, many young girls are not taught how to behave in a lady-like manner. They are also not being challenged to dream big and step outside of the conformities of what they see on television.

At PEARL Girls, we strive to start preparing young ladies early so that good habits can be established and a strong foundation can be in place as they develop into women. We need our young girls to realize that in their future, their etiquette skills will be equated to their competence.

What are the advantages to girl’s parents?

Positive social skills strengthen the family as a whole. These social skills contribute to civility in the home. In addition, etiquette boosts children’s self esteem and their character which can open doors for them in their future.

What are the advantages to schools?

Etiquette encourages children to be considerate of one another. This leads to more positive communication between students. Etiquette also reduces the incidents of impoliteness. Teachers can then spend more time teaching students rather than disciplining them. In addition, character building takes place when children learn etiquette which stimulates a positive climate and could possibly raise academic standards in the classroom.

As we can see… Etiquette is Essential!